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Half Cow Orders

For customers ordering a half cow, please download the attached cut sheet and return to Heather Willis at  Half cow orders can be split into two equal quarters.  A half cow is approximately 220 pounds.  Price is based on weight of animal and ranges from $1800-$2200.  CLICK HERE FOR THE CUT SHEET FOR 1/2 COW ORDERS

Quarter Cow Orders



Beef is delivered mid-December to early January.

Quarter cow orders are our most popular purchase.  For customers ordering a quarter cow, the cut sheet is not applicable.  All quarter cow orders are cut standard "house" cut which includes  50-60 pounds of hamburger meat and a variety of steaks, roasts and stew meat.  A quarter cow is approximately 110 pounds.  Price is based on weight of animal and ranges from  $900-$1100.

What's in a quarter cow?

STEAKS: Approximately 12 steaks totaling 22 pounds of meat: NY Sirloin, Top round steak, porterhouse, T-Bone, tenderloin, London broil, flank steak and top round steak

GROUND BEEF: Approximately 60 pounds of meat sealed in 1 pound packages. Perfect for use in tacos, bolognese, meatloaf, burgers, chili etc..

ROASTS: Approximately 5 roasts totaling 25 pounds of meat: Bottom round roast, eye of round, face rump, top round roast and rib roast

STEW MEAT: Approximately 4 pounds of meat sealed in 1 pound packages.

Want more ground burger and fewer roasts?  Or short ribs and kebabs instead?  Split a half cow with a friend and have complete control over your butchering using the cut sheet above.  Call Heather with questions: 617-694-2856.

Beef Options

Please specify if you would like marrow bones, liver, suet, ox-tail or tongue included with your order.

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